Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What are the payment methods?


A1:  Credit Card & ATM Transfer


Q2: What are the delivery methods?


A2: 7-11 & Family Mart (Taiwan only) , SF Freight collect (Overseas only)


Q3: How is the shipping cost calculated?


  • Black cat home delivery ( Only deliver Taiwan )

  Within 90 cm in total length, width and height: NT $140  (Taiwan)     , NT $280 (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu)
  Total length, width and height within 150 cm: NT $220 (Taiwan)        NT $360 (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu)

*The total length of the three sides of a single package must not exceed 150 cm
*The weight of a single package must not exceed 20kg


The delivery time is: within 2 days of the island (outlying islands need to cooperate with the operation time and carrying capacity of the aviation and shipping companies, and the delivery on the specified date and time cannot be guaranteed)

Time period designation: no designation, before 13:00, 14-18:00, there are three kinds of time (outlying islands cannot be designated)


  • 7-11 Store to Store NT$60 ( Only deliver Taiwan )

Size and weight restrictions: Volume: the longest side of the volume is ≦ 45cm; the total length + width + height ≦ 105cm; weight ≦ 5kg

Delivery time: generally within three days excluding outlying islands


  • Family Mart to Store NT$60  ( Only deliver Taiwan )

Dimensions and weight restrictions: Volume: Dimensions: length + width + height ≦ 105 cm, unilateral length ≦ 45 cm (recommended appropriate size 45cm*30cm*30cm), the total weight should not exceed 5 kg

Delivery time: generally within three days excluding outlying islands


Q4: Shipping time?


A4: After the order is confirmed, it will be shipped within 5-10 working days (excluding holidays and national holidays)


Q5: Can I ship overseas?


A5: Only in Asia, "SF Freight Collect" is the main method. If you are not in Asia, please message to us first.

SF freight trial calculation:



! Notice !

In order to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties, please be sure to record the whole process when opening the package. If there is any shortage or need to replace the goods, this will prevail.